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Personal Injury

Personal Injury


Personal injuries from traffic accidents require the guidance of a trained, skilled and practiced attorney. The issues involving from this can be extremely complex and complicated; often involving detailed and intricate medical issues, wage loss, property damage and dealing with Virginia and Federal insurance laws. Ferguson, Rawls & Raines have years of experience handling a wide array of traffic accident personal injury cases. Our past efforts and results demonstrate our team’s effectiveness on behalf of our clients we have represented over the years.

At Ferguson, Rawls & Raines, we are committed to preparing cases thoroughly so we can aggressively seek just and fair compensation to our clients. We always have an eye toward the fact that a case may have to go to trial. We will stay on top of the medical care you are receiving and are likely to receive in the future. We are in contact with your physicians and other experts to understand all aspects of your injuries, and to present your case in a powerful and compelling manner.

Randy Raines
Randolph Raines, Jr.

Mr. Raines focuses on the field of general litigation with over twenty years of courtroom experience. His primary practices in the litigation field are as follows: criminal defense, workman's compensation, and family law matters including child custody and divorce. He was born and raised in York County, Virginia. For his undergraduate degree, B.A. in Political Science, he attended East Carolina University and graduated from Christopher Newport University. He also received a Juris Doctor...

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Personal injuries are physical and emotional injuries caused on a person’s body or well-being by a person or thing. If the physical injury...

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